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Eulogy: W.Bro. Ronald Isaac Marks

17th February 1929 – 26th October 2011

Ronnie was a friend, an inspirational Freemason, an utterly reliable ritualist and a steadfast supporter and motivator to all that knew and loved him.

Ronnie was of that generation and class who saw duty, loyalty and integrity as essential prerequisites for being a good citizen. He saw national service with the RAF in the late 1940’s and by virtue of his personality and fortitude rose quickly through the ranks to become a drill instructor Sergeant. His skills in leadership, personal presentation and a no-nonsense attitude towards endeavour and reward developed at this time would stay with him for life.

Initiated in 1965 in Gunnersbury Lodge No. 3268, Ronnie took to the Masonic precepts and ritual like a duck to water. His Masonic achievements and accomplishments are legion; a member, founder or honorary member of numerous Lodges and Chapters, a friend and permanently invited guest to a great many more.

Always willing to deliver any part of a ceremony at the drop of a hat and able to do so expertly and flawlessly, provided of course it was from his much loved and supported and championed Taylor’s ritual.

He was an inspiration to many Freemasons, young and old, giving up much of his personal time to coach and teach any with whom he saw a kindred spirit or who were simply determined to learn to the best of their ability.

A long-time member of the Taylor’s Ritual Association, he was Chairman and Preceptor-in-Chief for a decade between 2001-2011, then a Vice President and stalwart until his last breath.

Ronnie will be much missed by his wife Cheryl, his three children and their families, his friends and fellows, as well as everyone who was inspired to good ritual and Masonic values because of him.

God bless and rest in peace Ronnie.



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