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Ritual Books

Over the last 100 years or so the various ritual books have been updated and re-printed to take in to account changes mandated by UGLE and copyright concerns. At these junctures the Association have taken the opportunity to correct some language and punctuation, and expanded the rubrics, making them easier to follow and use.

To ensure that all Taylors’ Freemasons are working from the same ritual it is important that only the most current editions of each publication are used and distributed.

The Taylors’ Ritual Association are the authors of the several rubrics, pamphlets and answer cards which are published by Ian Allan. These publications are available from all good Masonic regalia retailers and online from Ian Allan Publishing.

The following are the current versions of the documents as of October 2011.

  • MM Taylor’s Handbook of Craft Freemasonry – 4th Edition 2000
  • MM Taylor’s Handbook of Craft Freemasonry – 4th Edition 2000 (Large Print Edition)
  • Taylor’s Handbook for the Installation of Master – 1st Edition 2005
  • MM Taylor’s Sections on Craft Freemasonry – Giving the Questions and Answers Appertaining to Each Degree (Lectures) – Revised Reprint 2008
  • MM Taylor’s Second Degree Handbook
  • MM Taylor’s First Degree Handbook – 3rd Edition 1996
  • MM Taylor’s Passing Question Card
  • MM Taylor’s Raising Question Card



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