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Our Mission

‘To protect the integrity and promote best practice of Taylor’s Working Masonic Ritual’

Our mission statement is a clear and transparent one.

We must also aim to increase the interest in the ritual and the association by offering new involvement and interaction.  We will endeavour to do this by offering a number of services and opportunities for Taylor’s Ritual Association Lodges to build their knowledge and expertise.  This will be achieved by offering:

  • Master Classes aimed at Preceptors and Directors of Ceremonies
  • Talks and Lectures to Taylor’s Lodges
  • The sharing of information about Associate Lodges and Lodges of Instruction through this website
  • Ritual Association Executive’s visits to Taylor’s Ritual Association Lodges
  • Building upon the base of Lodges accredited by the Taylor’s Ritual Association

We must improve the standard of precepting at Taylor’s Lodges of Instruction and ensure that the quality and meanings of rituals are maintained.

In order to fulfil this commitment the Taylor’s Ritual teaching and precepting shall henceforth be taught at Associate Lodges of Instruction, which shall be based initially in London and the Home Counties.

Our longer term aim is to have Associate Lodges of Instruction throughout the country. Associate Lodges of Instruction shall be accredited by the Association Committee as practitioner of best practice precepting and shall have referrals from, and dialogue with the Committee.



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Chairmans Report & General Statement 2012-13