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Executive Members

The Association needs individuals with specialist skills to become members to assist with the various functions of the organisation such as communications, administration, membership, finance, ritual expertise, presentation and teaching skills.

If you share our passion for the precise nature of Taylor’s Ritual and posses the skills, expertise and resources to help in spreading the message and promoting the benefits of the association please contact us.

Individual members must be Master Masons and will be expected to carry out the various executive functions involved in maintaining and promoting the Association. They must be in good standing as members of the UGLE Lodge and voted for or co-opted by the Association Committee.

We offer individual ‘Executive Membership’ of Taylor’s Ritual Association to Freemasons who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Craft ritual and would like to become more involved in the work that we do. 

As a Taylor’s Ritual Association Executive you can become involved in the running and delivery of our organisation’s aims.  This may mean taking on a particular role or function, such as running demonstration rituals and master classes, maintaining our website and database, or travelling to other Association Lodges and Lodges of Instruction as an instructor of best practice.

If you believe that you have what it takes to make a difference to our organisation, if you are passionate about preserving the quality and meaning of ritual, then please get in contact with us and tell us a bit more about yourself!


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Chairmans Report & General Statement 2012-13