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Become an Associate Lodge of Insturction

Taylor’s Ritual Associate Lodges of Instruction are currently located in London and the Home Counties.  These Lodges of Instruction are fully accredited by the Association Committee as practitioners of best practice precepting and have regular referrals and dialogue with the Committee.

They act as guardians of the ritual, ensuring that its quality and meaning is maintained. Our long term aim is to have many such Lodges over the breadth of the country working toward this worthy cause.

We hope that other Lodges practicing Taylor’s Ritual would seek to attend Associate Lodges of Instruction to glean knowledge, insight and understanding that they may take back and incorporate into their own practice.

We are continually looking for additional Associate Lodges of Instruction thereby adding to our existing membership and increasing the opportunities to teach and improve the levels of Taylor’s ritual performance.

 Criteria for an Associate Lodge of Instruction:

  • Regular weekly or fortnightly predictable meetings, diarised and preferably scheduled by degree work being practised
  • Regular ‘temple’ meeting place
  • Designated Preceptor and Secretary
  • Good working standard at Lodge
  • Accepting of non-Lodge members and visitors
  • LOI is associated with a Lodge registered with the Taylor’s Ritual Association
  • Accept Taylor’s ‘standard’ as correct, even if they deviate and teach both
  • LOI Preceptor and Lodge Director of Ceremonies attend Taylor’s Ritual Association master classes

If you would like your Taylors Lodge of Instuction to become an Associate of the Ritual Association please use our Contact Us form to get in touch.


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