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A New Way Forward

A new stratergy from 2011

Founded in 1965 the Taylor’s Ritual Association exists with the objective of improving the quality and understanding of Masonic ceremony as used in M.M. Taylor’s Ritual and has consistently worked to promote best practice in Craft ritual in Freemasonry. However it must be recognised that in recent years attendance and general interest at the Association committees and Lodges of Instruction have been on the wane. 

Therefore we have made the decision to review our working practices and the manner in which we operate.  We wish to preserve the great heritage and ethos that our organisation holds dear, whilst acknowledging that we must seek to reach a larger audience through new engagement practices.

To this end from 2011 we will embark upon a new strategy that will seek to promote best practice instruction at as many Taylor’s Lodges as possible.

Our organisation will become primarily (but not exclusively) for and about Directors of Ceremonies and Preceptors.  Rather than run a central Taylor’s Ritual Association Lodge of Instruction we will focus on assisting and improving Lodges and Lodges of Instruction to deliver ‘best practice.’

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Chairmans Report & General Statement 2012-13